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Webster’s Launches new InspHire CRM and Hire Software

May 4, 2016

Here at Webster Technologies we’ve had an exceptionally busy (although productive) April. In between Bauma and Scot Plant we’ve also fitted in time to introduce new Hire Software and a CRM system. Angela Naylor, Financial Director told us more.

Q. What prompted you to invest in a new system?

A. We have been using our own in-house system for over 10 years. While this has worked well for us in the past, as our business has expanded and our team has increased, we needed to move to a more sophisticated system that would help us deliver great service to our existing customers and be a marketing tool to generate new business.

Q. Why did you choose InspHire?

A. We looked at a number of different solutions and felt InspHire was a good fit with what we needed. InspHire has provided us with an effective tool to manage the rental and sales side of our business and it has also given us a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management Module) enabling us to set up marketing campaigns and email information about our products to hundreds of prospective customers in one go.

Secondly, the fact InspHire has a portfolio of high profile companies in the plant hire industry gave us confidence that they understood our business and what we want to achieve using the system.

Q. How has InspHire helped in your business?

A. It is still early days for us but already we have much better visibility of what is in stock and which products are on hire and to which customer. Our team all have access to the same information and we are able to manage every aspect of the hire process right from the initial enquiry, through to sending an estimate, hire contract, off hiring and invoicing.

The reporting capability also means we can track our performance and make sure we are delivering our customer commitments. Importantly it gives us data we can analyse to understand more about our customers and our products, such as the type of Rockwheel most in demand.

Insphire picture

Q. So what is next?

A.  I am really pleased with the way our team have embraced the system.We have combined more formal training workshops with hands on practice using the InspHire training database. This has helped to give our people confidence and foster a real sense of teamwork in getting the system up and running.

We will continue to embed use of InspHire in our business and we plan to explore use of the more advanced features it offers as we grow.