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Road Razor ECO Pro Tool

It is designed to work differently than any tool ever available in the industry.

Its exclusive and sleek proprietary body shape, with maximum hardness throughout the entire head area makes cutting easier and far less resistant to extreme wear and friction.

It enables you to run longer and faster than ever thought possible, making it your ECOnomically superior choice.

Its unique and proprietary nonagon shaped washer is 20% thicker, which extends the life of the tool and the holder, giving you the Pro advantage.

The nonagon design with overhanging corners also makes cutting easier by encouraging tool rotation

Because you can now get your work done faster, your machines absorb far less abuse and can consume less fuel, making it your ECOlogical tool.

The RoadRazor ECO Pro delivers an unmatched combination of ultimate service life, efficiency, and productivity.



Kennametal Road Razor ECO