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Surface Mining

The foundation for a successful surface mining operation is built on rock-steady reliability
and progress. Kennametal, the world’s leading tooling and services provider, proudly introduces
SOLID, our solution-focused platform that yields new levels of performance and productivity.
SOLID-engineered tools deliver in the most challenging conditions.

Motor Grader Blades for Haul Road Maintenance

Heavy-duty scarifier and dual carbide insert blades.

Far outlast steel or cast-style blades by up to 12:1.

Eliminate washboard effect and potholes

Better road maintenance with fewer passes.

Easy to install and replace.


KenCast Tungsten Carbide Wear Protection

Tungsten carbide particles metallurgically bonded to air-hardening steel.

Extremely wear resistant in highly abrasive/impact conditions.

Significantly extends up-time in

High-wear applications.

Easy to weld and available in many sizes.

Outlasts overlay products by up to 4:1.

Surface Miner Drums

Custom-designed and built drums to match your specific needs.

Precision balanced for less machine vibration.

Available in an array of sizes.

Tooled with high-performance Kennametal blocks and cutting tools.


Kennametal Surface Miner Tools

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