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If you are a trenching machine owner, you need to be fast, efficient, and cost effective to bid on and win jobs. You want blocks and cutting bits that help you finish the job early so you can move onto the next one. You can’t afford tools that slow you down.

It’s important that the material being trenched is pulverized down to size to go back into the trench. Well-crushed material makes excellent padding and trench backfill. It also eliminates excess windrow and speeds trenching. You are in and out of the job, and the trench, faster and more efficiently.

GOLD ‘X’ Cutting Bits

Kennametal’s GOLD X-series cutting bits and blocks are designed with you in mind. Different-sized shanks and a range of carbide cutting tips can take on an even wider range of ground material and conditions. GOLD X tools are designed with exceptionally durable bodies made with a proprietary hardness throughout the entire head. The result: ultra-high performance over the tool lifetime, compared to existing tools on the market. What does that mean to your business? Fewer cutting teeth, less downtime, and greatly reduced operating costs. Plus, GOLD X tools feature our latest tip designs for maximum penetration and extra-wide collars for unmatched block protection.


MyT Blocks

When you have a tough trenching job, you need a tough block system. Kennametal designed the MTB1 and MTB2S MyT blocks especially for rugged chain trenching jobs. These blocks have a larger, heavy-duty barrel. Kennametal designed the J-chamfer with the right lean angle for gage cutters and gave it 25 percent more area for welding the block onto the machine. The cannon feature boosts tooth rotation, and the flat bottom means the block is more stable and stays put while it is working.

But they didn’t stop there. Kennametal keep control of critical dimensions during manufacturing with our front-to-back forging process. That’s important for the block bore. That means the cutting bit fits more securely in the block and penetrates better, especially in tough cutting conditions. The ample rear boss on the MyT blocks makes clip insertion and removal easy, plus you get easier access to the rear of the block.



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