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Underground Mining

No matter what your underground mining application, longwall shearing, continuous mining, or roof bolting – Kennametal has the high-performance, long-lasting tungsten carbide tooling solution to meet your needs!

Underground Mining Picks

ProPoint Picks

Kennametals ProPoint‚ picks are slim, narrow-bottom (NB) carbide-tipped, and designed to cut coal with better penetration, lower forces, and far less dust than comparable picks.

  • Less dust means safer work environment for miners and reduced fines for disposal
  • Lower total forces means less wear and tear on machinery
  • Lower vertical forces mean better penetration with less bouncing of the bit
  • Lower drag forces mean less power needed to push the pick through the cut

The NB tips wear evenly with the steel body so you get longer lasting picks and tips that stay sharp.


Crusher Picks

Tough crushing conditions call for a tougher tool. Kennametal answers with carbide-tipped crusher picks in 38mm, 51mm, and 52mm sizes.

  • They are designed with large collars for extra block face protection
  • Extreme wear and abrasion resistance are designed into the block with wide bodies that wear in line with the carbide tip
  • Plug and narrow-bottom style solid carbide tips are highly impact resistant in crushing conditions