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Rockwheel cutting attachments have increasingly become a go to tool for demolition contractors.

The powerful motors on the attachment combined with hard wearing tungsten carbide picks enable you to shed concrete and rock even where tough rebar is present. The durability of the Rockwheel combined with low noise operation make it a favourable alternative to hydraulic breakers especially when working in noise sensitive environments such as built up areas and hospitals.

All Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high torque hydraulic motors and are designed so that the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle can penetrate the material with maximum power. The cutting heads of the smoothly and quietly operating units rotate at a speed that achieves outstanding results in a range of applications and environments – even underwater.

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D-30 Rockwheel Demolishing Bunkers in Berlin

To reduce noise and vibration the D-30 Rockwheel was used in East Berlin to demolish Bunkers from WWII. The 110kW, with it’s high pick forces, is able to expose and