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The Webster designed Rockwheel is an ideal tool for excavating soil, rock, asphalt and concrete. Its combination of cutting force and cutting precision make this an economical and efficient attachment. Low vibration and noise level means the Rock wheel is an ideal solution in inner city constructions, adjacent to historic buildings and other sensitive environments.

All Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high-torque hydraulic motors and designed so the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle penetrate the material with maximum power.

The cutting heads of the smoothly and quietly operating units rotate at a speed that achieves outstanding results in a range of applications and environments.

JCB Excavating

D15 Rockwheel Trenching

This D15 Rockwheel was used to excavate a Deeper Trench for Drainage facilities for a house building site. Doing what a breaker can’t, the Rockwheel is perfect for trenching as


New York gets the Rockwheel Treatment

When a project in New York state demanded a tool for a challenging rock excavation project, choosing the Webster Technologies designed Rockwheel was a no brainer. In a city famous


D-20N Rockwheel Excavating In Alton Towers

The TD-100N at Alton Towers excavating an 8 metre deep hole in Sandstone for the new ride ‘Thirteen’.