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From Mining to Quarrying with our Rockwheels you’re covered no matter the application, however we have developed something specifically for Quarrying that allows working in a quarry to be much less time consuming, cost saving and more efficient. The ‘Cutter Bucket’ is basically what it says on the tin, a Bucket that can cut at the same time. We designed housing around one of our Rockwheels to allow you to cut through the rock and then excavate it with no need to change attachment.

D20 Rockwheel Sand Quarrying

V2 Cutter Bucket

Cutter Bucket Development with a Customer

Further Cutter Bucket Development ‘I couldn’t live without it’

Just before Christmas and the New Year we went up to visit Robert at Borderstone Quarries to talk about developing the Rockwheel Cutter Bucket. Following on from our last visit,


Cutter Bucket Development

Border Stone Quarries is a family run company based in Haltwhistle, Northumberland. Established in 1996 they combine modern machinery with traditional masonry skills to supply stone for all sizes of building

Cutter Bucket Development with a Customer

D-30 Rockwheel Sand Quarrying in Germany

TD-140 Sand Quarrying in Germany.