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Thanks to the fully waterproof design and hard wear coating; Rockwheels can be used in fresh and salt water up to around 30 metres with no need for any modifications. Alternative cutting products or methods in water causes a problem due to poor visibility, even in this environment the cutting attachments can still achieve a great result. You can be sure whether in dry or wet, shallow or deeper water the Rockwheel really delivers.

All our Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high torque hydraulic motors and are designed so that the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle can penetrate the material with maximum power. The cutting heads of the smoothly and quietly operating units rotate at a speed that achieves outstanding results in a range of applications and environments – even underwater.

Maldives (1)

D-30 Rockwheel Maldives Underwater Excavation

The TD-140 excavating coral underwater in the Maldives.


D-20 Rockwheel Underwater Trenching in Falmouth

The TD-100 Trenching underwater in Falmouth Dockyard.

Falmouth Jetty Extension