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The C2 Rockwheel at the Matterhorn Glacier!

A Rockwheel C2 clears through the ice at the Matterhorn glacier palace without the slightest hint of noise or vibration, enabling tourists to enjoy their visit undisturbed.

Just 15 meters below the surface, but at a dizzying altitude of almost 4,000 meters, visitors can enjoy the Matterhorn glacier palace, a wonder of ice sculptures and crystals that are constantly moving as a result of glacial motion. And while the phenomenon itself is awe-inspiring, it also comes with an important drawback: the corridors at the palace keep getting narrower, and as a result need to be widened every so often.

The company responsible for maintaining the grandiose ice palace first tried to use a hydraulic breaker to work through the ice, but quickly realized the level of noise was unacceptable, as was the lack of precision. This led to it being quickly replaced by exhausting and time-consuming manual work, which also proved to be less than ideal.

The ideal solution was found in the Webster designed Rockwheel C2 Cutting attachment; at just 66kg it is the lightest model in the range of Webster Rockwheels. The chain driven cutting head effortlessly profiled the ice to increase the corridor width while it’s exceptionally accurate and precision operation enabled the ice to be shaped perfectly. Thanks to the rotary cutting attachments quiet operation and lack of vibration the unit is well suited to working in sensitive environments and the speed of operation helped reduce the time to carry out the work and minimize disruption at the site.