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Drumcutter Testimonial Crossrail Project

Ed Morgan the Plant Manager of Balfour Beatty Major Projects recently commented on his experience as a customer with Webster Technologies…

I have invested in Webster Equipment drumcutters for almost a decade; I say invested rather than purchased as this is how I view the product. The input, back up and genuine interest from the supplier have influenced me enormously. There are many manufacturers of tunnelling and mining hardware that will boast about durability but I‚ personally found few that genuinely can back the claim up, Websters are one of those few. I wholly subscribe to the the old tradesman‚ adage; “Buy cheap, buy twice” – Ian Webster is an engineer, who will listen, comprehend and deliver a timely, efficient no-nonsense solution without compromise, drama or extortionate cost. A real business.

Ed Morgan, BBMV, Crossrail project