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Which Rockwheel do I use?

Job Description:

What is the application?

What material is to be cut?

What is the material compressive strength?

Excavator Model:

What size and type of excavator is being used?

Hanger Bracket Dimensions:

To ensure we can match the Rockwheel to your excavator boom or quick hitch; Pin Diameters (D), Pin Centres (L), Width (W).

Hydraulic Quick Couplers:

If required, to further reduce set up times, we will fit the Rockwheel with hydraulic quick couplers that match the ones on your excavator.

Excavator Hydraulic Circuit:

The Rockwheel can run on a hammer circuit or an auxiliary circuit such as a shear or grab circuit. The auxiliary circuit is preferred as it uses a twin pump flow which supplies more power to the Rockwheel. If the hammer circuit is used the pressures will more than likely have to be raised.

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