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G40 Rockwheel with Mixing Drums / Soil Stabilisation

The Project Our customer was Soil Stabilising large sections of wetland so they could begin a housing project Overview The G40 Rockwheel was supplied with Bespoke Soil Stabilisation drums and


ROCKHIT 2022 Compilation

This is our latest compilation of ROCKHIT footage. The product is still in testing & development but this video will show you what is capable of being achieved using our


D20 Rockwheel Trenching – R J Howard

The Project This customer was using 4 of our Rockwheels for the installation of a sewage system, The D20 Rockwheels were used to excavate down to 4.2m for the manholes


D15 Rockwheel Trenching

This D15 Rockwheel was used to excavate a Deeper Trench for Drainage facilities for a house building site. Doing what a breaker can’t, the Rockwheel is perfect for trenching as


D20 Rockwheel Trenching for House Building

We supplied a D20 Rockwheel to a client after they hit Rock when excavating a trench on a House Building Site. Our Rockwheel is the perfect solution for this as


D20 Rockwheel in Gaildorf, Baden-Württemberg

The Project The removal of a foundation in the densely populated residential area of Gaildorf, Baden-Württemberg. The old foundation of a garden wall had to be demolished due to renovation.


The Effective & Efficient D20 Rockwheel Saves Time & Money

At a jobsite in Assamstadt (Germany) the company Schwarz GmbH from Stachenhausen used a Rockwheel rotary drum cutter for the very first time. The project in Assamstadt involved the expansion


Whitby Harbour

Our Rockwheels are no stranger to working on marine and harbour projects. Our Rockwheel cutting attachments have been used effectively to dig trenches underwater in the Maldives and recently more


G40 Rockwheel Visits Aberdeen Harbour

Project Summary  Aberdeen Harbour, one of the UK’s busiest ports, will be transformed to develop new facilities and associated infrastructure at Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour.


New York gets the Rockwheel Treatment

When a project in New York state demanded a tool for a challenging rock excavation project, choosing the Webster Technologies designed Rockwheel was a no brainer. In a city famous


“A Nice Piece of Kit” – Customer Review

The clever design of the Rockwheel not only delivers speed and performance it produces an extremely accurate profile and a finish that is hard to beat. Here we tell you


Further Cutter Bucket Development ‘I couldn’t live without it’

Just before Christmas and the New Year we went up to visit Robert at Borderstone Quarries to talk about developing the Rockwheel Cutter Bucket. Following on from our last visit,


Stump Grinding

The Rockwheel can be used for stump grinding by replacing the rock cutting drums with wood cutting drums. Stump grinding can then be carried out using a standard excavator which


Cutter Bucket Development

Border Stone Quarries is a family run company based in Haltwhistle, Northumberland. Established in 1996 they combine modern machinery with traditional masonry skills to supply stone for all sizes of building

Cutter Bucket Development with a Customer

Setting up the TD140 Rockwheel in Inverness.

This week Webster Equipment went up to Inverness in Scotland to set up a TD140 for Blackwood Plant Hire, They’re cutting out the foundations for new pylons to be installed


Drumcutter Testimonial Crossrail Project

Ed Morgan the Plant Manager of Balfour Beatty Major Projects recently commented on his experience as a customer with Webster Technologies… I have invested in Webster Equipment drumcutters for almost


The C2 Rockwheel at the Matterhorn Glacier!

A Rockwheel C2 clears through the ice at the Matterhorn glacier palace without the slightest hint of noise or vibration, enabling tourists to enjoy their visit undisturbed. Just 15 meters


D-30 Rockwheel Demolishing Bunkers in Berlin

To reduce noise and vibration the D-30 Rockwheel was used in East Berlin to demolish Bunkers from WWII. The 110kW, with it’s high pick forces, is able to expose and


Blast Furnace Wrecking

Runtech Ltd have used a D-10 Rockwheel mounted on a Brokk 400 carrier as an alternative method of ‘wrecking’ the Troughs (Runners) and the tilters at one of Tata steels


DCL Mining Machine with D-10 or D-15 Cutter Head

Webster Technologies have been involved with the design of numerous mining machinery projects, the most recent one being a mini road header/Dinter Cutter Loader machine. The design involved a completely


D-15 Rockwheel Tyne Tunnel Diaphragm Walls Scaling

TD-50 Tyne Tunnel Diaphragm Walls Scaling.


D-30 Rockwheel Hard Rock Scaling in Finland

TD-140 Hard Rock Scaling in Finland.


RH 1500 Hammer, Post Knocking in Hatfield

Webster RH 1500 post knocking in Hatfield.


Trials with the Slot Cutter

Initial Trials with the Slot Cutter.


D-30 Rockwheel Sand Quarrying in Germany

TD-140 Sand Quarrying in Germany.


D-20N Rockwheel Excavating In Alton Towers

The TD-100N at Alton Towers excavating an 8 metre deep hole in Sandstone for the new ride ‘Thirteen’.


D-30 Rockwheel Maldives Underwater Excavation

The TD-140 excavating coral underwater in the Maldives.


D-10 Rockwheel Tunnel Tile Removal in Rotherhithe

The TD-40 removing tunnel tiles in Rotherhithe.


D-20 Rockwheel Trenching in Halifax

The TD-100 Trenching in Yellow Sandstone Halifax.


D-20 Rockwheel Trenching in Long Houghton

The TD-100 Trenching in Long Houghton.


D-20 Rockwheel Trenching in Bradford

The TD-100 Trenching in Bradford to accommodate larger storage space for underground fuel tanks at a Gas Station.


D-20 Rockwheel Scaling a Railway Embankment

The TD-100N Scaling rock on a high railway embankment.

Scaling a railway embankment

D-20 Rockwheel Underwater Trenching in Falmouth

The TD-100 Trenching underwater in Falmouth Dockyard.

Falmouth Jetty Extension